Winter 2023

Writers Over Forty

Writers over forty make their debut • My mother and the optician • Prayer in many languages • What’s with all the Holocaust novels?

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Lilith Feature

Why Are They Marketing So Many Novels about Auschwitz?

Susan Schnur

As survivors and their stories depart, a new group of novels picks up the thread of Holocaust narratives

Lilith Feature

The New 40

"Young writers” and “30 under 30” lists abound in every field. Doesn’t it seem a little unfair? Lilith believes in nurturing talent at any age. So in that spirit we created an exciting opportunity: The New 40.

Lilith Feature


Penny Jackson

Doctor Burt’s voice was so low and soft that I couldn’t hear what he said, but whatever it was, it made my mother shriek.

Lilith Feature

What Language Do You Pray In?

Michele Kriegman

In navigating my way between North American indigeneity and Jewish exile, I do a kind of personal spiritual simul—a simultaneous translation.

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Poem: Of Course


What happens when something innovative or revolutionary becomes accepted as normal, and the new norm then becomes the basis for fresh exploration?

Fiction: “Hawaii and Mexico”


“The purple lights,” Oren said. He always talked, that was one of the reasons it had been hard for me to understand that he was autistic.

We Need to Talk About Bruno from The Boy in the Striped Pajamas


Why is this story, which whitewashes antisemitism, being taught in so many schools? Its new sequel provides no easy answers.

In the Shadow of Porn


A story of shame misplaced

Dagger: A Love Token


I didn’t want to throw the dagger out, because it was important to my mother. I didn’t want to sell it, and I didn’t want to keep it.

“I Am From”


I am from Shema Yisrael and Bendita Sea / risa y lagrimas / laughter and tears

Half Moon Grill


Is it my place to keep poking at my foremothers’ secrets and exposing them to the criticism they dreaded?

The Isle of Man


"Daddy speaks no English and was put into jail as a suspected spy. And here we are, on the Isle of Man until someone vouches for him..."

The Centenary of Dr. Mária Lakatos


It was her pioneering work on tuberculosis that led to her notable art collection.

Lost in the Rain


Most Americans know someone struggling with–or lost to–addiction. For me, it was my niece.

Bye, Bye, Bubbe’s


A cartoon about a childhood of not fitting in.

HOLOCAUST FICTION: Capitalism, Survivorship Bias, and Tomes that Sanctify


Overwhelmingly, though, the novels that I read for this assignment were deeply respectful of the horrors that spawned their creation.

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